5 Google Services That Would Instantly Benefit From Chrome OS

Posted on 22. Apr, 2011 by in Chrome OS, Features

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Google hasn’t been working on Chrome OS blindly. They know that with their own PC operating system, their own products and services would get a big boost. In fact, it’s entirely possible that the company could optimize select services just for Chrome OS. While we don’t know everything that Google has planned for Chrome OS just yet, lets take a look at the offerings that could be really be useful on Chrome hardware.



Google’s RSS product is a go-to source for regular information. It’s like a digital version of the newspaper for most of us. On Chrome OS, it’s easy to get access to every RSS that you need to know about right away. And unlike a smartphone, you can read it on a full screen. The fact that one can jump into Chrome OS and look at their feeds right away is an enormous time saver over booting up a PC or having to squint at a tiny screen on a phone. While you’re phone is useful for checking the latest and greatest, it’s pretty enjoyable to open up articles on larger real estate.



Some are speculating that Chrome OS will come as a subscription-based service that takes the concern over hardware refreshes out of the equation. It’s also been mentioned that this may be pared up with the Gmail service somehow. That makes sense. Email as a whole is still one of those things that really benefits when you have a full keyboard available to you for writing messages. If you have ever tried to write a lengthy email on a tablet you probably know what I am talking about. Gmail is one of Google’s best products, and somehow marketing it with Chrome OS would be a really smart idea.


Sure, you’re probably thinking that you can use YouTube anywhere. And you’re right. But a commercial Chrome OS product would likely market YouTube as one of the key services on the platform. And it’s not going to be all about that piano playing cat: Google is planning to invest $100 million to create channels that have original content. This may be part of increasing the value of the YouTube brand, but also make Chrome OS more valuable especially where the ability to store media such as video clips is limited.

Google Talk

As it stands right now, there is a lack of webapps that can do what Google Talk does. With Talk you’re able to chat, make phone calls and hold videoconferences. Skype is a rival to this but they still have not come out with a web-based solution to compete. This is yet another service that like Gmail could be used in the subscription-based model. The fact that every Cr-48 comes with the Talk plugin (just look in “about:plugins”) signifies that Google knows that this will be a feature that everyone will want to use on their Chrome OS devices.

Google Docs


Without Google Docs, how do you plan on writing things or organizing information in a spreadsheet on Chrome OS? You can’t, and Google offers its Docs product to users for free. Plus, more functionality keeps coming to the software suite by using the technical capabilities of Chrome, closing the gap between it and Microsoft’s Office product. And while you could use the Office 365 web product since it is in free beta, Microsoft usually finds a way to charge individual users for Office. With Google, Docs is free unless you’re running it in a business environment. Then it’s $50 per user, which is still pretty cheap.

In The End

Google is building Chrome OS to better position search. But it’s also a great way for it to increase exposure to their other existing product offerings as well. Surely Google is working on other services to help augment Chrome OS, such as Google Music and its social strategy that is supposed to help tie all off the services closer together than they are now.

What services do you think have been left out of this list?

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3 Responses to “5 Google Services That Would Instantly Benefit From Chrome OS”

  1. Tom

    22. Apr, 2011

    I don’t think Reader will be featured that heavily in Chrome OS, because services like twitter and facebook are now most people’s sources of news and keeping up with friends. Also, the Google Apps you mentioned all NEED offline support. Without that, I don’t think Chrome OS is going anywhere. Also, Java support is a must.

  2. d-d

    22. Apr, 2011

    Offline cannot be ignored, Chrome OS looks ideal for work during travel where connection is always an issue.

  3. Daniel Cawrey

    23. Apr, 2011

    It’s coming… we just don’t know when yet.

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