Chrome 7 Goes Beta

Posted on 01. Oct, 2010 by in News, Tips

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Last night’s Google Chrome release announcement for the Beta channel has flipped over to version 7. One of the major updates is the Google Chrome Labs feature becoming available for the first time in this channel. This is in an attempt to move some features out of the command line switch and into an easier toggle method by using the “about:labs” command from the Omnibox for the menu of options.

One interesting other feature included for Macs is an expose-like showing of all open tabs. CNET’s Steve Shankland has a photo of this, which looks like a great feature that has been on display as a variety of extensions, but is integrated for Apple users.

In addition, here is a listing of the Chrome Labs available in the Beta release for Windows. I’ve details all of these before, but I’ll quickly run down the list here and link to specific posts where you can learn more.

Side Tabs: Places the tabs that normally reside on the top of the browser over to the side. With this feature, you get more of a list format than actual tabs.

Tabbed Settings: Instead of the options menu popping up as a dialog-style window, it is contained in a tab and features a rich HTML settings menu.

Instant: Google’s Instant search is integrated into the Omnibox. This Beta version seems improved from the initial Labs release and still needs a bit of UI work, but it’s getting there.

Remoting: This is the much-discussed “Chromoting” feature that is coming whereby you’ll be able to remoting into another computer through the browser. It doesn’t currently work, but must be coming quite soon.

If you’re using the Stable version and want to check out the Beta channel, you can download it right here.

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    05. Oct, 2010

    yeah, thanks for the info. i want to download chrome-7-goes-beta.

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