Chrome OS Could be the First PCs Sold in Vending Machines

Posted on 29. Apr, 2011 by in Chrome OS, Features

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I always enjoy reading the columns of TheStreet analyst Anton Wahlman, because he always comes up with some angle I had not thought of before regarding Chrome OS. In his latest, called “Biggest Threat to Apple: Google Chrome OS” he opines that the operating system might be the first commercial PC that is so easy to get started with that you’ll be able to purchase it from unusual locations.

“I also predict that Chrome OS laptops will become available for sale in entirely new places: hotels, airplanes and even vending machines. Why? Unlike a regular Apple or Microsoft PC, there is almost zero set-up time, making an impulse purchase/replacement realistic.”


If you’ve been inside an airport over the last year you may have already seen vending machines like this. And so what’s stopping Google and its hardware partners from putting devices in all sorts of traveling locations? Not much. In fact, if you have used a Cr-48, you might notice how useful it is for when you are on the go.

Just like Apple has done before, I suspect Google is going to think differently about not just the PC experience itself but also how to get it into the hands of users. This may involve subscriptions, and also selling through different outlets.

And I haven’t really pondered this Apple angle too much before, but the same saying that many Windows users don’t need a complex operating system and could easily switch to Chrome OS could also be said when talking about the Mac. Sure, there’s iOS devices – but all it takes is the right sweet spot in price and we’ll be seeing super cheap laptops in vending machine shelves next to iPods and digital cameras.

With Chrome OS so easy to get up and running, would you make an impulse purchase?

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