Chrome Web Store Could be Delayed Until December

Posted on 27. Oct, 2010 by in News

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Peter Kafka from All Things Digital is reporting that the Chrome Web Store could be delayed as late as December, according to developers that have talked off the record with him.

Some optimistic webapp developers are still hopeful for a mid-November release.

We heard a few months ago from a Google developer advocate at a gaming conference (who is now no longer with the company) that the Chrome Web Store would be launched in October. It seems that Google is going to miss that target.


The official line from Google? “Sometime later this year“, as was written in an October Google Code blog post. I hate to say this, but my powers of observation tell me we’re starting to run out of days that make up the year 2010.

It cannot stressed enough how important this launch will be for Chrome OS. As if this type of product is not already a risky proposition, having a cloud device without a place to get optimized webapps would not go over well in the consumer electronics market. Since everything with this platform is obviously on the web, it’s imperative that Google gets a plethora of applications ready for the Chrome Web Store.

I suspect the delay has something to do with ensuring that this happens to make the right type of splash.

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