Cr-48 Developer Mode and Rooting Instructions

Posted on 20. Dec, 2010 by in Tutorials, Videos

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Here is a video on how to get into developer mode and to the shell in order to root your Cr-48.


1. Turn off the Cr-48. Make sure you have a pen nearby or this is going to be difficult.

2. Flip the Cr-48 over.

3. Remove the battery.

4. Right beside the battery contacts there is a small bit of black tape. Take the tape off. Check my picture below.

5. There is a white switch under the tape. For user mode, the switch is away from the battery contacts. Use your pen to switch it towards the contacts.

6. Put the battery back in and start the machine. There’s an ominous message but you can hit CTRL+D to get past it. If you do nothing the device will eventually beep and start the process into developer mode.

7. The C-48 will wipe itself and replace the image with a developer copy. This takes 5-6 minutes.

8. You’ll need to go though the initial setup process again.

9. Once you get logged in, you can hit CTRL+ALT+T to get to the terminal.

10. While you can get to this shell in user mode, this terminal offers an extra command to use. To see all commands type “help”.

11. Type “shell” to drop to a full bash shell. You’ll be the special user named chronos.

12. Type “sudo su”


Photo of taped location in the battery compartment.


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15 Responses to “Cr-48 Developer Mode and Rooting Instructions”

  1. Another Cr-48 Developer

    20. Dec, 2010

    Don’t forget to set a password once you flip the developer switch! (Try pressing Ctrl Alt -> to see the instruction, or type “cat /etc/issue” in the shell!)

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  12. nathan

    21. Apr, 2011

    what if i accidently pressed the space bar i cant get the blue screen back!!

  13. Daniel Cawrey

    21. Apr, 2011

    Power it down or let the battery die…

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