Samsung “Alex” Chrome OS Device Also Comes With Intel Processor

Posted on 28. Apr, 2011 by in Chrome OS, News

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Well, well. Looks like both of the prototypes that we’re seeing (at least in laptop form) come with an Intel processor inside. Another device, nicknamed “Alex” has cropped up on people’s radar in the Chromium bug reports, and it’s name is Alex.


Hopefully this device is something akin to Samsung’s Sliding 7 that was shown off at CES this year. To me, it was one of the most tantalizing products that I saw on display there since my mindset is as one on the hunt for everything Chrome OS – and because it was a tablet/laptop combo.

As for the specifications for Alex, the reports show something like this:

Screen Resolution : 1280X800
Intel Atom N550 Processor with 1.5 GHz
Realtek ALC272
SanDisk SSD Storage
Qualcomm Gobi Chipset 2000 (for connectivity of course)

This is a step up from the Cr-48′s Atom N450, and with the right optimized software it may be a nice product. I’m trying not to slam Intel as much as I did in my Acer post, because my expectations for initial Chrome OS devices should have been set from what Eric Schmidt said months ago.

Hey, Chrome OS is coming and I’m ready – are you?

via, Chrome Story

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