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Phone to Chrome with Android2Cloud

Posted on 04. Aug, 2010 by . 1 Comments

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Being able to send information to your phone from Chrome is nice, but what about being able to do this process in reverse? That’s the purpose of the Android2Cloud application for your Android 2.2¬†smartphone.

That way you don’t have to go through the cumbersome process of emailing or trying to find some other method with which to open a link in the full-blown Chrome, not when you have the companion Android2Cloud extension installed in your browser.

Lifehacker has posted a short demo.

All you will need is the Android2Cloud Chrome extension and the Android application itself. If you’re interested in developing on this platform you may want to check out the Google Code page on this project.

How Chrome to Phone Works

Posted on 23. May, 2010 by . 6 Comments

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chrometophoneAs demonstrated in the first day of the Google I/O conference, further integration between Android and other Google offerings is going to be one of the most tantalizing developments coming up in the next year along with Google TV. The ability to be able to seamlessly move information from Chrome to your Android-enabled device is going to be really useful, plus the fact that developers are going to be able to use this feature to come up with some interesting applications.

The key underpinning to how Chrome to phone works is by utilizing yet another technology that was shown off at I/O called the Android Cloud to Device Messaging (C2DM) Framework. First, a user must install the Chrome extension and respective Android application. What this will do is notify the Android application that user data being pushed from Chrome browser that is now stored in the cloud is available for download. This will work great for pushing small amounts of data to a user’s phone such as links containing maps or other websites, as well as messages.

This appears to possibly be the way that Android devices will be able to stream content that resides on a PC such as music to phones that was demonstrated at I/O. The way that will be done is through another application, provided by a company called Simplify Media that Google acquired not too long ago for an undisclosed amount. It sounds as if that will be a more complex process (much more data) if Google bought another company to provide the technology to make streaming happen from device to device, but it shows the potential of what this type of integration can provide for in the future.

Bottom line? It will be great to have things that can be sent from Chrome browser to Android phones, although I would suspect at some point that the browser itself would need to be added to future versions of Android. It was clear during the Day One Keynote that Android browser is still on the mobile operating system, although a recent version of V8 that Chrome uses is integrated on Froyo.

Also, when will users be able to send snippets of data from their phones to their PCs, utilizing this service in the opposite direction?