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And the Rise Continues: Google Chrome Sees Usage Increase During April

Posted on 02. May, 2011 by . 4 Comments

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Has this ever been seen before in the browser wars? When you look at the following graph it seems almost unreal. Chrome has seemingly come out of nowhere to become a major player in the browser market. Google’s goal of pushing web innovation has brought us to a point where it may no longer be an early-adopter type of software application for much longer.

statcounterapril11This is data that is compiled by StatCounter, which offers these browser stats for free for anyone to look at. It’s one of the reasons why I use it, although please do note that other data aggregators may have different numbers. According to StatCounter, IE is at the top with a 44.52% market share, Firefox is second with 29.67% and Chrome comes in third at 18.29%. That’s up roughly a percentage point from last month, when Chrome was at 17.37%.


Chrome Continues Rise to Over 17%, Internet Explorer Stays Steady

Posted on 03. Apr, 2011 by . 5 Comments

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The browser usage statistics for March from StatCounter are out, and this graph shows that Chrome is showing a dramatic rise when compared to the other top browsers on the market.

The numbers are as follows: Internet Explorer at 45.11%, Firefox at 29.89% and Chrome with 17.37%. It appears that Internet Explorer has been able to stay steadier following the much talked-about release of IE9. While Firefox has been able to stay at the 31-30% range for some time, there was a clear decline this month.


Chrome Still Stands After Day One of Pwn2Own

Posted on 10. Mar, 2011 by . 0 Comments

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The Chrome browser was able to survive the first day of Pwn2Own, despite a reward of $20,000 being offered by Google themselves for anyone who could compromise the browser’s security on a Cr-48 during Day 1. That made an incentive to try and crack Chrome: better than the rewards for other browsers at $15,000.

Two rival web browsers were not so lucky: Internet Explorer 8 on 64-bit Windows 7 was hacked by a researcher and Safari 5 on Max OS X was taken down by a security firm.


According to ITWorld, there were two teams that did sign up to take a shot at Chrome, but one of them did not show for the contest and the other decided to hack RIM’s Blackberry instead. If Chrome does not get hacked in the next two days, it will have a record three year showing at Pwn2Own without it being hacked.

It’s expected that Firefox will be a target today and tomorrow at the competition.

Researcher Charlie Miller explained last year what it is that makes Chrome so difficult to attack. He believes that Flash is one of the main culprits leading to compromised situations. However, he also said that IE8 was as secure as Chrome. But that was last year, and now IE8 has been successfully exploited.

When will someone find a successful Chrome hack?

via ZDNet, ITWorld, Computerworld

Chrome Browser Surges Past 15% Share, On Serious Uptick

Posted on 01. Mar, 2011 by . 2 Comments

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At the beginning of every month, we take a look at the browser share numbers. These are provided by StatCounter, a data aggregator that takes into account a sample of over 15 billion pageviews in order to determine where browsers rank in terms of their share of the market. This past month, Chrome has again continued its rise. Here is the overall growth upswing.

chromemarketsharefeb11The top five are Internet Explorer with 45.44%, Firefox at 30.37%, Chrome with 16.54, Safari at 5.08% and Opera with 2%. You can see that IE is trending down, while Firefox is trying mightily to hold its own. Let’s take a look at how these browsers stack up against one another.


Firefox Going the Way of Chrome Could be a Troubling Sign for Mozilla

Posted on 07. Feb, 2011 by . 7 Comments

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firefoxreleaseWhen I first saw that Firefox was expecting to release multiple versions this year I of course thought of Chrome. It should come to no surprise that Mozilla is trying to keep up with Google’s browser, but is starting to fall behind. I mean, whatever happened to Firefox 4? I remember trying the Beta, not being impressed with it, and then forgetting about it.

Well, it turns out that Firefox 4 is behind schedule. Instead of Mozilla waiting for all of the new features/fixes for the browser, they are going to a faster release cycle.


Chrome Cracks 15% Market Share

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According to market share tracker StatCounter Chrome continues to gain traction, eclipsing 15% to finish January at 15.68% Internet Explorer still commands a 46% share, with Firefox taking second at 30.68%. Here is a bar graph of the top 5 browsers.

statcounterbarjan11Looking at this graph of the top 5 over the past year, you can see that Chrome is on a steady trend upward at the expense of IE. I find this a bit strange as one would think that IE users wouldn’t necessarily be the ones who would switch to Chrome, but instead Firefox, which has remain steady. It’s possible there’s a cascade going on here: IE users are switching to Firefox, and Firefox users are switching to Chrome.

statcountergraphjan11 [...]

thechromesource Daily: Links for 12/27/10

Posted on 27. Dec, 2010 by . 1 Comments

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The rise of the Chrome browser has been almost entirely at Firefox’s expense.

The arrival of Chrome OS tops ZDNet’s top five Linux stories of 2010, and predicts it making headway in the future.

PCMag’s John C. Dvorak hopes that the newest edition of the browser wars will eliminate some software annoyances.

Over sixty million tabs were opened for charity donations with the Chrome for a Cause extension.

Here is a list of six great productivity extensions you can use with Chrome right now.

Chrome Browser Market Share at 13.35%

Posted on 01. Dec, 2010 by . 2 Comments

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November is over, and the tally for browser usage is in. In first is Internet Explorer with 48.16%, Firefox with 31.17%, Chrome with 13.35%, Safari with 4.7% and Opera with 2.01%. Here is a look at the graph to see how each stacks up against one another.

statcounternovDo you think that Chrome will surpass Firefox anytime soon?

via StatCounter

StatCounter: Chrome Increases While Competition Slips, Slightly

Posted on 01. Nov, 2010 by . 1 Comments

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It’s a new month, and StatCounter has the data on browser usage statistics for the past month. Not surprisingly, Chrome has gained while Firefox and Internet Explore have slipped, although the change is very slight. Here’s a look at the rankings in graph form. Internet Explorer comes in on top with 49.21%, Firefox in second with 31.24% and Chrome with 12.39%. Last month Chrome was at 11.54%.

statcounteroctIs there any hope for Internet Explorer? It sounds like the new version has not been as popular as Microsoft had hoped. I also wonder how many browser enthusiasts are now switching to Chrome now that it has so many more features than it did just six months ago.

thechromesource Daily: Links for 10/5/10

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Google’s “Speedbook” trademark name could wind the company up in a legal battle.

Facebook has lured over 200 ex-Googlers to the company, some in high level positions.

DownloadSquad is fretting over the fact the blogosphere lights up every time the new monthly browser stats arrive.

A revamped version of Googlesharing has arrived, leveraging Google’s SSL security to keep searches anonymous.

Google is working with regional carriers in Asia to promote its low-cost Google Apps platform.

StatCounter Shows Chrome Rise, IE Decline

Posted on 05. Oct, 2010 by . 3 Comments

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It’s a new month, and that means that StatCounter has published their statistics for September. Not surprisingly, Chrome is on the rise and is now at 11.54% market share while Internet Explorer has fallen below 50% at 49.87%. Microsoft has tried to redouble its efforts in combating Chrome with its release of the IE9 Beta, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing the decline.

Indeed, if you look at the following graph there is a strong correlation between the rise of Chrome and the fall of IE. Browsers such as Firefox and Safari are seeing their numbers remain steady which suggests that some users may be trying out Chrome yet still sticking with their mainstay browser. Opera, the fifth-ranked browser, saw a bit of an increase last month relative to their own share.


Speed, User Annoyances Improved in Chrome

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A lot is being said recently about the Chromium blog’s post that the newest version of Chrome will be sixty times faster that its current generation on the market. That is a major improvement in speed, and it shows just how much weight is being thrown behind the Chromium project in order to increase people’s ability to use the web faster.


Other browser makers are taking note, but it’s going to be hard to catch up to Google at this point. They are working on features that will improve user experience not only for the purposes of the browser but also for Chrome OS. Witness the fact that printing options are being improved, remoting features are being included and simple formatting tricks that eliminate the need for Notepad are showing that when the Chromium team sees a problem, they simply fix it.

Using other browsers, they do have some features that Chrome does not. Firefox, for example, is still really feature-rich and its interface has been much improved. But after using Google’s browser for a long period time the competition seems, well, slow. Has anyone else noticed this as well?