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The Chromebook Receives A Plethora Of New Features

Posted on 11. Aug, 2011 by . 2 Comments

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samsung chromebook white 01 300x300

Got some good news for all of you.  See, the Chrome 13 release wasn’t the only thing that came to the Chrome Operating System in the last week and a half. You all know the basics of what Chromebooks got, of course- instant pages, print preview, all the good stuff that everyone’s been anticipating for weeks. On the Chromebook side of things, though….it brought a little more than a few bugfixes, security updates, and instant pages. A post went up yesterday on the Google Chrome blog, detailing exactly what’s new with Chrome. I daresay it’s a rather exciting update- and there’s most assuredly something for everyone.


Google Preparing to Fuel Webapp Growth with Native Client for Chrome

Posted on 18. Feb, 2011 by . 3 Comments

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The latest Beta release of Chrome includes an important update: a first release of Native Client. This is a new launch which is designed to work with a plugin called Pepper and allows the browser to harness the power of computing hardware to run applications over the cloud.

Much has been talked about Native Client as it has been in Chromium as well as the Developer builds for some time. But it’s clear from Google’s pronouncements that the company wants developers to utilize the Native Client SDK to develop powerful applications right inside of the browser. That’s further aided by some security improvements that have been added: there is now an outer sandbox implemented and a method for auto-updating in case security fixes are required.


Chrome Web Store Will Allow for Web-Rich Content

Posted on 19. May, 2010 by . 13 Comments

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chromewebstoreToday at Google’s I/O developer conference, it was announced that the Chrome Web Store will soon be released. Different from Chrome extensions, the Chrome Store will be a central repository for web-rich applications paired with technology like HTML5 and JavaScript. Several examples were displayed at the show, and it gives example to how Google plans on competing with Apple’s iTunes App Store.

The first example shown was gaming. A company called Unity is working on creating a simple developer platform via Native Client that allows easy ports of games over to a web based format. Not too long ago, this idea of Google investing into gaming was brought up, and it appears that the prediction for this is really true to form. At the conference, a 3D Lego Star Wars game was showed off which looked quite impressive.

Another example shown was what the Chrome Web Store can do for publishing. The editor of Sports Illustrated showed off partnered with the Wonder Factory a web-rich issue of SI, which has been shown off in the past with Adobe’s proprietary Air interactive publishing software. In contrast this new version was shown off in an  open HTML5 format, allowing the magazine to do more than just offer text and pictures but also video, games and interactivity that a paper version cannot compare to. This will also be great for eventual tablets that run a Google-based OS.

The Chrome Web Store will be heavily featured in Chrome OS, and will be coming to the Chrome browser development channel soon.