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Report: Cr-48s Resume Shipping

Posted on 22. May, 2011 by . 10 Comments

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Still waiting for your free Chrome OS Pilot laptop? You might want to continue to hold out hope.


Although the Cr-48 shipment tracker has likely seen its last days, people are reporting that they are getting gifted by Google with Chrome OS laptops. This comes contrary to what Chrome VP Sundar Pichai tweeted some time ago that the Cr-48s would cease shipping.

Perhaps an effort to send out what might have been a hidden cache of Chrome OS Pilot notebooks is why people are still getting them. It would be nice if some of our international readers would be the beneficiaries of these notebooks, but I’ve yet to find a substantial report that this is the case.

Nevertheless, this suggests that major production of both the Acer and Samsung Chromebooks is ramping up, and that Google is preparing their supply chain to send out subscription-based notebooks to eager customers. What’s still unknown is what kind of numbers Google and its Chrome OS hardware partners are expecting for the initial wave of launch devices, but as always we’ll update you with the latest when that information becomes known.

Have you been the proud recipient of a Cr-48 recently?

via Reddit, Engadget, Chromeossite

Google Testing a Picasa Uploader – Likely For Chrome OS Launch

Posted on 06. May, 2011 by . 9 Comments

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The concept of Chrome OS is to eschew files completely. The problem with that is many of us still have to get those legacy files to the cloud first. It’s expected that in order for Chrome OS to be a success this type of data transfer is going to have to occur, and one of the most file-intensive services that Google has is the photo site Picasa.

So what a surprise that it is when someone comes across a Picasa uploader extension that appears to be for some testing in the Chrome Web Store?
picasa uploaderAs indicated in the bottom here, this extension is “Not for general use. This is for testing only”. Seems that if it was for testing that Google would keep this out of the Chrome Web Store and just use it internally. Unless we’re getting really close to a commercial launch, which could be announced next week at Google I/O.

For Picasa to be successful on Chrome OS devices, it needs to have an easy method of uploading photos into the service. Having an extension do that when a Chrome OS laptop is using the service serves that need perfectly – and evidence that it might not be long before one can pick up one of these devices at a store. Or a vending machine.

What other Google services might benefit from having a special extension for Chrome OS use?

UPDATE: This extension is automatically appearing in Cr-48s.


via Cougar Abogado

VPN Support, File Manager Features Being Added into Chrome OS UI

Posted on 21. Apr, 2011 by . 5 Comments

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This surely is an exciting time for those who are following Chrome and Chrome OS, as it appears that we are likely heading towards a time when an official launch date is pegged down for the operating system. As result, we’re seeing some new implementations in the UI that will make the platform much easier to use for a large amount of people.


One of these to note is the addition of a thumbnail view in the file management system of Chrome OS. As it stands right now, there is limited functionality of the file manager, by this it is clear that Google wants to make navigating around the file structure a bit more user-friendly. Right now, it’s difficult to get around anything other than in the downloads folder, although I have posted a workaround to help handle that for the time being.


Another revision is the addition of a VPN UI. It looks like there will be a “private networks” submenu in the network menu and work with an already exiting overlay badge to signify an active VPN. Right now there is limited support for this in Chrome OS, yet it will be a must-have feature when these devices go commercial for anyone who wants to make these kinds of connections.

Have you seen any other new features being added into Chrome or Chrome OS?

UPDATE: Thanks to Francois for the great screenshots!

via ChromeStory

Google To Sell Chrome OS on a Subscription-Based Model?

Posted on 20. Apr, 2011 by . 21 Comments

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Rumors are circulating that Google is making plans to sell Chrome OS devices using a pay-by-the month plan at a range of $10-20 per month as a subscription service. The plan will then provide users with hardware refreshes over a set lifecycle for each device. It’s unknown if this will be bundled with some sort of software service as well such as the long-awaited Google Music.


The company still plans on selling Chrome OS hardware using the traditional model of paying upfront, but the idea of potential customers being able to get their own Chrome OS hardware for cheap upfront is a great strategy for attracting users. Many have speculated that pricing will be the most important factor for Chrome OS adoption. Pairing Chrome OS with a paid service and perhaps offering vouchers for some paid Chrome Web Store applications would also be an ideal solution since the platform is entirely web-based and will rely on web applications.

There are both positives and negatives to this approach. With customers paying for a subscription that could possibly come with wireless service included, Google would be able to easily ramp up in terms of Chrome OS users and would be able to obtain a ton of data about how to improve the operating system. On the flip side, they will have to incur initial hardware expenses and coordinate billing and contracts that would be associated with a model like this.

Chrome OS is still slated to be released mid-year according to Google. That means we could see commercial devices coming in June or perhaps July, with a release date likely set during the Google I/O keynotes in May. Manufactures have been said to be planning to ship over one million devices this year.

How do you feel about subscription-based Chrome OS hardware?

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Chrome OS Release Coming Soon? Stable Channel Now Available

Posted on 17. Apr, 2011 by . 47 Comments

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Just like the Chrome browser, it has long been Google’s goal for Chrome OS to have a Stable, Beta and Dev channel for feature iteration. In a move that signifies a closer move to a Chrome OS release, there now is a Stable Channel. You can find this on the latest builds of Chromium OS by going to the about section under the wrench.

Commercial Chrome OS devices will be shipped in the Stable Channel, which is the consumer-friendly version just like in the browser. This provides evidence that we may see some sort of major announcement about Chrome OS during Google’s I/O developer conference being held May 10-11.

The screenshot above was taken from a build of Chromium OS that was run in a VM from Hexxeh where Stable was the default option. This was an addition that is documented on the Chromium site. As of right now, the Cr-48 does not have a Stable Channel available, which is confirmed by looking at the automated tool that lists every build of Chrome and the version. But judging by this, we can very much expect to see one very soon.

During last December’s Chrome event, VP Sundar Pichai announced that Acer and Samsung would be the first hardware partners to launch Chrome OS devices by mid-2011. It would seem that I/O would be a great launch platform, or at the least a time when we get an update from Google about the progress of Chrome OS.

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Details on the December 7 Chrome OS Event

Posted on 04. Dec, 2010 by . 6 Comments

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Here is the details and the complete schedule of the December 7 Chrome event taking place in San Francisco. We’re assuming there will also be a live feed, when we have a link for it we’ll provide it so you can watch the event yourself.

chromeoslaunch2via Mashable

Developers: Get Ready for Chrome Web Store; December 7 Seems Real

Posted on 03. Dec, 2010 by . 2 Comments

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chromewebstorelogo2Google is taking some time to email Chrome extension developers about the fact the the Chrome Web Store will be launching very soon. As we’ve said many times before, Chrome OS and the Chrome Web Store very much go hand in hand with one another for a launch. Indeed, even All Things Digital, who will be holding a conference in San Francisco next week where an unveiling may happen, is announcing that the webapp store will be launched December 7.

Remember, this may all just be a preview for what’s to come. But surely Google has been working on this project quite hard all year. Hopefully we’ll see not just a glimpse but an actual product that will be available soon. That, of course, remains to be seen.

Could this be like the launch for the Nexus One where sales of a device started almost immediately? That would very much be ideal. With the holiday season approaching here in the US, getting devices into the mail prior to shipping deadline week would be optimal. It’s all dependant on how comfortable Google feels about their product.

What are you expecting for next week?

via TechCrunch, All Things Digital

Google’s Chrome OS Device Very Near, Coming December 7?

Posted on 03. Dec, 2010 by . 1 Comments

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Sources are talking like a Google-branded Chrome OS netbook will be unveiled next week, possibly as early as December 7. All Things Digital’s Dive into Mobile conference will be in its second day on the 7, with Google VP of Mobile Platforms’ Andy Rubin slated to speak. There has not been an official release out announcing any type of event, but next week seems like an ideal time to get devices into people’s hands prior to the weeks after that when people are off for the holidays.


At Least a Beta of Chrome OS Should Arrive This Year

Posted on 22. Nov, 2010 by . 0 Comments

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Despite recent comments by Google’s Eric Schmidt, it appears as if we will see some form of Chrome OS being presented to the public before the end of the year. Media outlets have been getting word from Google that Chrome OS will still be available before the end of the year.

It’s likely we are going to see Chrome OS in a different form than most commercial products are expected to arrive. As in, don’t get anxious in seeing a product hit the market before the end of this year. What’s much more reasonable is to see a Chrome OS Beta released at the same time that the Chrome Web Store is launched.

Chrome OS may take a much different path than that of other operating systems in that the market will decide what the best use for the platform will be. Moreso than ever before, I’m convinced that the fate of Chrome OS is tied to the Chrome browser and it’s success as well. As more people adopt the browser and use webapps from the Web Store, the more plausible the thought of purchasing a Chromebook or Chrometab will become.

We shall see. How do you feel about Chrome OS’s prospects with the current delay leaving us waiting?

via TechCrunch

Is Microsoft’s Clout Delaying Chrome OS?

Posted on 29. Oct, 2010 by . 15 Comments

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I’ve been wanting to write an article involving the impact of Digitimes’ article about Microsoft demanding licensing fees for Android/Chrome OS manufacturers since I first read it. But nothing substantial proving this is a serious threat to Google really made it compelling. Now, it appears that the Chrome Web Store is being delayed until December at the latest certainly brings some thoughts to mind.

At first, I was in disbelief of the veracity of the Digitimes report. But now that we’re heading into November without any news of a Chrome OS launch, I can only deduce that Microsoft is using its influence in the Taiwanese computer industry to exert some pressure on Google.


thechromesource Daily: Links for 9/22/10

Posted on 22. Sep, 2010 by . 0 Comments

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Google’s acquisitions this year have leaned more towards social rather than mobile.

Is Microsoft trying to get users upgraded to Windows 7 prior to Chrome OS’s launch?

An agregator for everything that is launched from Google now has its own site, called Google New.

Motorola will have the exclusive launch for the next Android version, which may support tablets.

ReadWriteWeb takes a look at the state of Cloud Computing in 2010.

Google Trademarks “Speedbook” for Computer Hardware

Posted on 26. Aug, 2010 by . 3 Comments

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googlespeedbookBNET’s Erik Sherman was doing some snooping in the U.S. Patent and Trademark database and came across something interesting: Google has trademarked the term “Speedbook”. Under the category labeled Goods and Services for the filing, it states “computer hardware”.

BNET is a tech business blog owned by CBS.

The trademark was filed on February 13, 2010. If you want to, go to the trademark database yourself and put in the term; it’s the first result in the search. A Chinese company held the trademark briefly in 2009 for a period of ten months.

I’m not sure what Google’s plan would be for this, perhaps considering labeling Chrome OS devices under a different classification than a netbook or laptop. Of course, back in February the Nexus One was only a month old; it’s possible that at the time Google was planning on releasing their own line of hardware.

At this point, hardware partners such as HTC and Acer are rumored to be first to market with Chrome OS devices. HTC is expected to launch a tablet in November. Acer has a spec netbook they are currently testing that could arrive as soon as the Chrome Web Store, a directory filled with applications specifically for Chrome, is launched.