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The Chromebook Receives A Plethora Of New Features

Posted on 11. Aug, 2011 by . 2 Comments

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samsung chromebook white 01 300x300

Got some good news for all of you.  See, the Chrome 13 release wasn’t the only thing that came to the Chrome Operating System in the last week and a half. You all know the basics of what Chromebooks got, of course- instant pages, print preview, all the good stuff that everyone’s been anticipating for weeks. On the Chromebook side of things, though….it brought a little more than a few bugfixes, security updates, and instant pages. A post went up yesterday on the Google Chrome blog, detailing exactly what’s new with Chrome. I daresay it’s a rather exciting update- and there’s most assuredly something for everyone.


Is A Chrome OS Tablet In The Works?

Posted on 09. Aug, 2011 by . 6 Comments

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chrome os for tablet

Looks like Google might be working on a tablet that runs Chrome OS. Or at the very least, the Chromium team’s working on one that’ll run Chromium.

Now, we don’t have much to go on here. There’s been a lot of rumors and heresy bouncing about on the web about this. Ever since the Chromebooks first hit the market, folks have been buzzing about the possibility of tablets, pointing at this move by Google or that action by the Chrome Team. And while it’s true that there is some evidence that points to the eventual development of a Chrome OS tablet…we might not be seeing one for a very, very long time.


More Info About Chrome’s Vulnerabilities Surfaces At Black Hat

Posted on 07. Aug, 2011 by . 0 Comments

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New Chrome Icon 300x300

True to his word, security researcher Matt Johansen this week demonstrated the security holes in Google’s Chrome OS that have been the subject of so much discussion. Apparently, his demonstration…basically involved what he already showed us all last month. Just a touch anticlimactic, don’t you think?  The way Johansen talked, I thought he might have a few new demonstrations for the lot of us.

The whole presentation wasn’t a retreading of old ground, though- while he did repeat a lot of what he said when he demoed the Scratchpad exploit, he also had a few new things to say about applications, extensions, and security on Google’s Chrome Operating System. For those of you who haven’t already discerned the nature of these statements, I’ll give you a hint- they aren’t good.


Google Chrome Ad: Thailand Dog Rescue

Posted on 29. Jul, 2011 by . 4 Comments

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If there’s one thing Google knows how to do, it’s tug at the heartstrings of consumers. I’ve once again got a rather brilliant Google Chrome advertisement to share with you folks- and it’s no less impactful than the others they’ve posted. On Wednesday, Google posted to their YouTube channel a video(seen above) titled “Google Chrome Thailand: Dog Lovers“. The video follows the story of a group known as SCAD-Soi Cats And Dogs- in Bangkok, Thailand- and more specifically, the story of a dog named Bernadette.

It begins with a simple email which a member of the group-or, perhaps, the founder,Nina- finds in her inbox entitled “Another abandoned Dog icon sad .” Nina responds with “We Have to Help!” and immediately springs into action, setting up a YouTube channel detailing SCAD and what they do. What follows is a montage detailing Bernadette’s recovery, chronicled via a series of YouTube videos posted on SCAD’s channel. Eventually, one of SCAD’s viewers emails SCAD expressing interest in adopting her. What follows is a series of ‘farewell photos’ of Bernadette; uploaded to Picasa by SCAD as she’s shipped off to her new home in the United States.

The last shot we see of Bernadette is her happily in the arms of her new owner, followed by several photos of other animals that found new homes thanks to SCAD. Finally, the video closes with Google’s trademark line: “The web is what you make of it.” Well-designed as always, Google.

Looking to support Soi Cats And Dogs? You can check out their YouTube Channel to find out more about them.

Chrome Web Store Reaches 16 Million Installs, 3,760 Apps

Posted on 28. Jul, 2011 by . 0 Comments

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chrome web store screenshot

Via http://tothepc.com

The online application store is by no means a new idea. Many would argue that mobile apps are part of the the reason- if not the main reason- that the mobile market’s gained so much ground in recent years. In a lot of ways, what apps a platform’s got available can very easily play an integral role in making or breaking that platform. Case in point: mobile applications-or a lack thereof- are a pretty significant part of the reason that RIM’s been going under lately.

Anyway, a few months ago, Google decided to take the idea of the application store in an entirely new direction- that is, a centralized addon system for a web browser. Thus, the Chrome Web Store was born in early December 2010. And here’s where we actually stumble our way into the topic of the piece- The Web Store. I should hope that most of you have at least a passing idea of what it is.

Fans of Chrome will be happy to know that the Web Store is going strong, with 3,760 applications and over sixteen million installs to date. Granted, that still doesn’t really approach the sort of numbers we’re seeing from the Apple store…but it’s a pretty impressive display of growth, just the same. And from wher I’m standing, there’s nowhere to go but up.


Microsoft Makes Another Patent Deal, Expands Claims To Chrome

Posted on 06. Jul, 2011 by . 15 Comments

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Apparently the thing to do when you’re worried about the competition nowadays is to take them to court.

android1a2 262x300For those of you who don’t know, Microsoft has been systematically going after a number Android Smartphone and Tablet OEMs out there, bullying and browbeating them into giving them money for each smartphone they sell; signing licensing deals left and right. Now, some of you might think I’m being unfair to Microsoft here- hey, maybe Android does violate some patent or another. Really? What patents does it violate? Considering how long this whole patent snafu has been going on, you’d think there’d be at least some information out there right?

What’s more, why doesn’t Microsoft simply go after Google if they’re so convinced that Android is responsible for copyright infringement? Because Google can fight back? That seems the most likely reason, doesn’t it? See, most of the companies Microsoft has been going after are markedly smaller than the computer industry supergiant. A lot of them are probably bowing out and caving to Microsoft’s licensing deals simply because they want to avoid a lengthy court battle with the company. Google has a legal department that rivals Microsoft, and could very easily return fire. The whole thing seems kind of sketchy, doesn’t it?


Chrome OS Beta Appears on Chromium Version Report

Posted on 03. Nov, 2010 by . 8 Comments

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Since we’re getting close to the end of 2010, there is going to be a load of Chrome OS news coming in the final eight weeks of the year. With that being said, there is no doubt that those working for Google have to be testing Chrome OS Beta at this point, and this version report that lists all the Chrome and Chrome Frame channels with the current versions would be a testament to that.

This is a Google App Engine utility for those on the Chromium project that lists out channels and their two previous versions. Judging by the fact that Chrome OS uses a different versioning standard (it hasn’t hit version 1 yet) the numbers here must reflect the number in terms of Chrome browser that the OS is using.

So when are we going to see Chrome OS Beta? Maybe never, at least publicly. Although services like Gmail seemingly were perpetually in beta, one would think that an operating system will simply be released as a final product. Which will be very soon.

via ChromeStory

Intel is Taking a Backseat with Google’s Chrome OS Netbook

Posted on 02. Nov, 2010 by . 7 Comments

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Could the real reason why Google wants to go through trying to release another hardware product be because they want to shake up the computer hardware industry?

As if it’s not enough forgoing Windows as the standard operating system for a device, Google is trying to change the culture that makes up the core components of a notebook-like device. As has been rumored, that may include using an ARM-designed chipset instead of one of Intel’s Atom processors.


Excited About Chrome OS, Or Is It Hype?

Posted on 14. Oct, 2010 by . 13 Comments

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This time right now in the middle of October is a bit weird, especially for a site like this that has been doing its best to report on all things Chrome and Chrome OS related because of an unknown release date for the operating system itself. We’ve been busy of course with all of the Chrome and Chromium updates that will eventually end up in the operating system, but it would be great to gauge a little bit of reader response on how you feel about the balance of 2010.


Hopefully we haven’t fatigued you with Chrome-type news, and it would be really great if some of you could talk a little bit about how you feel with an impending release of Chrome OS. We’re excited for sure to see the first release of some devices and no doubt we will be bringing some great information about what’s happening, but this site is nothing without your input.

We’re currently hard at work on making sure that this is the place to make your voice be heard on everything Chrome, so feedback whether good or bad is appreciated even if you do think our little operation here is great or resembles something like hot garbage. Actually, if you think that we’re not doing a good enough job here it would be awesome to tell us what we could do better. Thanks ahead of time.