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Look at All of Those Windows 7 Licenses!

Posted on 26. Apr, 2011 by . 1 Comments

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As popular as tablets have become, I think it’s still really underestimated how powerful Microsoft and its Windows operating system really is. Instead of just writing about it, I think it’s better to show just how many Windows 7 licenses have been sold when compared to that of iOS.

I suppose that this is the result of people moving from Windows XP or Vista and over to Windows 7, but it also encompasses new hardware purchases as well. It’s too bad that Google wasn’t there with Chrome OS at this point to sweep up some of these users. Despite this, there is clearly a market for Chrome OS just waiting whenever it is released. You have to ask, do most people really need a full-blown operating system like Windows 7? I will take a gander that they really don’t.

This makes the opportunity clear in the consumer market, but one cannot ignore the business market as well. A number of businesses that switch over to Google Apps also have an incentive to migrate many users over to Chrome OS, especially when you realize that most users don’t need a complex platform and only use the web to do their job once they move over to Google’s web based productivity solution.

Microsoft is trying to fight back with this by talking up a lighter-weight Windows when version 8 rolls around. They are also trying to somehow position its web-based Office 365 product, but either of these offerings still sounds too expensive and complex to really differentiate themselves from their existing products on the market.

Would the availability of Chrome OS make you think twice about buying Windows hardware?

via Business Insider