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Chrome OS Brings A Task Manager Into The Browser

Posted on 29. Jun, 2011 by . 4 Comments

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Screenshot Task Manager Chromium Chromium

It’s no secret that Google’s trying to make a completely browser-centric computing experience with their Chrome OS- and, to a lesser extent, the Chrome browser. They’ve just taken a rather considerable stride towards accomplishing that, by incorporating a task manager user interface. Now, while it’s pretty clear what the task manager would be used for in the Chrome OS, some of you are likely wondering just what sort of purpose it might have within the Chrome browser.  Have a look. It pretty much does what you’d expect of a task manager- except it only operates within Chrome. Basically, it lets you view processes and applications running within the browser, and pick and choose which ones to terminate.  Pretty convenient, and makes it a lot easier to track down a misbehaving plugin or app and get rid of it.

Unfortunately, this function isn’t live in Chrome just yet. It’s going to be coming fairly soon-probably in the next release/update- but for the time being, it’s only live in Chromium. If you want to give the task manager a try and don’t want to wait, you’ll need to download the latest version. There, it’s currently only available via command switch. Once you’ve got it enabled, you can visit chrome://taskmanager to view it.

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New Web-Based Task Manager Coming to Chrome

Posted on 17. Jun, 2011 by . 1 Comments

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Just came across this. In case you’re not aware, you can access the task manager from the wrench menu by going to Tools and then Task Manager. You can also hit Shift+Esc in Windows, and ⌘ Cmd+⌥ Opt+Esc in Mac.


It’s Google’s stated goal (somewhere, post the link if you find it) to make menus all HTML-based. There’s a good reason for that: it lessens the differences that users find across platforms. A menu or window should in theory look the same whether you are using a Series 5, Chrome Stable on your Windows PC or its Mac and Linux siblings.

What do you think about web-based menus and windows in Chrome?

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7 Killer Google Chrome Tab Tricks

Posted on 04. Mar, 2011 by . 8 Comments

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Tabs are basically the taskbar in Chrome, if you want to think about it like and operating system. Being able to use them to their maximum benefit is important to being productive. Because of this, here are some great tips for you to better manage, modify and extend your tab experience. Hope these help you with your everyday tasks!

Keyboard Shortcuts You can use keyboard commands to switch tabs, much like ALT+TAB in Windows. To go from left to right, you can use CTRL+TAB or CTRL+PGDN. For right to left, use CTRL+SHIFT+TAB or CTRL+PGUP. Know how to switch in Mac? Leave a comment.

Reopen Closed Tabs It really sucks when you have to go scouring your history to find a closed tab. Using the TabJump extension, you can go back to your previous ten tabs that you closed. TabJump also organizes tabs that are related and frequently used into a nice window that you can reference from the Omnibox.