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Google Docs To Offer Offline Support – But When?

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One problem I’ve noticed folks citing again and again with Google’s recently released Chromebooks was the lack of offline support for several of Chrome’s apps- Google Docs among them. This lack of functionality was considered by many to be a rather major flaw- yes, Chromebooks were supposed to operate off the cloud. But at the same time, the cloud isn’t all-encompassing and far-reaching. Until such time as it is, 3G is there to pick up the slack. But what about those of us who don’t really care for the idea of having to use a 3G connection to access the Chromebook’s core apps when a network connection isn’t available?

Up until now, we’ve sorta been out of luck.


Microsoft Office To Offer Support For Chrome

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This June, Microsoft is releasing its first service pack for Microsoft Office 2010. With this update, Microsoft Office will for the first time offer support for Google Chrome, allowing Chrome to run the suite’s online applications using SharePoint 2010.  Originally, Microsoft had limited support to IE, Firefox and Safari. There wasn’t really any reason given for this, and with a little tweaking and the use of Skydrive, the apps ran just fine within Chrome. So why the sudden change of heart?

Apparently, they’re not telling. They haven’t said anything about why they didn’t originally include support or why they’ve decided to add it now.

The former could have something to do with the rivalry between the two companies. For the past year or so, they’ve been slinging mud at one another over their online applications. Microsoft recognizes that Chrome is a rival to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer- and a very significant one at that. The battle kicked off in May 2010 when Google’s Enterprise product management director Matthew Glotzbach encouraged users and companies to forget about upgrading to Office 2010 and instead add Google Docs, claiming “it makes Office 2003 and 2007 better”.


In addition to adding support for Chrome, Microsoft is including the usual array of security and hotfix patches, printing support for the Word webapp, support for IE9 and the ability to insert charts into the Excel app. Other than these tidbits Microsoft hasn’t really given us a whole lot of information on what else these new features and improvements are going to entail, so I suppose we’re just going to have to wait and see. All they’ve told us on the matter is that users can now do things that they were unable to do before. Yeah…kind of vague, isn’t it?

via ITWebBusiness, Computerworld

thechromesource Daily: Links for 8/17/10

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EA games will be a part of the Chrome Web Store, DownloadSquad’s Lee Matthews has uncovered.

The dev channel of Chrome browser has been updated for all platforms with CSS custom cursor rendering and WebM playback fixes.

Auto-linking has come to Google Docs; simply type in a URL and it instantly becomes hyperlinked.

Oracle Corporation opposes the patentability of software“, a quote uncovered by Fortune that was made by the company in the past.

BrowserLinux has launched a Chrome version of their browser-only operating system as an alternative to the Firefox version.

thechromesource Daily: Links for 8/9/10

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Facebook is in “lockdown” mode for the next sixty days while Google is expected to release their social product during that span.

The Notion Ink Adam is supposed to be a tablet released with Chrome OS at some point; here is a look at its ongoing development.

If you’re using the Chrome webapps already here is a tip on how to restore the address bar in one of those tabs, courtesy of Lifehacker.

While we’ve got our reservations about Incognito Mode, DownloadSquad has discovered an interesting extension for it.

Files that have already been uploaded to Google Docs can now be converted into various file types.

thechromesource Weekend: Links for 8/8/10

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The Chrome Web Store is nearing a launch date – DownloadSquad has discovered webapp sync support is in the pipeline.

Google Checkout may be uniquely positioned to benefit from the release of Google Music, Google Games and Chrome OS.

The Dev channel of Chrome browser has been updated; stability fixes and UI improvements are part of the release.

Google Wave will live on – as an enterprise collaboration solution called Novell Pulse.

Here is a useful guide on how to find files within Google Docs.

thechromesource Daily: Links for 7/27/10

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Google Alarm is a new extension that allows you to be notified every time your data is sent to Google servers, which is a lot of notifies.

Cloud Music is an iPhone app that allows you to stream music from your Google Docs account to your mobile device.

Translation features and the ability to undo “smartquotes” are a part of a new Google Docs update.

Firefox’s new operating system-like user interface may have a leg up on that of Chrome browser according to TechRepublic.

Lee Matthews from DownloadSquad has deftly discovered that a new download manager is coming soon to Chrome.

How to Use Chrome Webapps Right Now

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Here are screen-by-screen steps on how to add the Calendar, Docs and Gmail apps to your Chrome browser. This is what this will look like when you are done.

Your tabs for the three will look like this.

chromeosexextension1Additionally, when you open a new tab, you’ll get a window that looks like this.


1. Download Chrome 6.

Firstly, you need to get the Chrome 6 development build for this to work. Here is a direct link to download it.

2. Add a Command Line Flag to your Chrome Shortcut.

This is easy, just go to your desktop and right click on your Chrome icon. Select Properties. In the Properties window, you’ll need to add a space and then the flag “–enable-apps” at the end of the Target location.


Hit OK.

3. Go into Developer Mode.

Open your shortcut of Chrome (remember, you have to use this one in order for this to work in the future). Navigate in the omnibar to chrome://extensions

chromeosexextension4Click on Developer Mode over on the far right.


4. Load the Extensions

A developer toolbar will appear; click on Load unpacked extension.

chromeosexextension6You’ll be asked to select the path of the extensions.

Windows Vista/7

\Users\[profile name]\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\[version]\Resources\

Windows XP

\Documents & Settings\[profile name]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\[version]\Resources\

In that path location, there are three folders corresponding with the apps.
chromeosexextension7aYou’ll need to open these three up using the Load unpacked extensions button. You’ll then see them in your list of extensions.
chromeosexextension8Now you have Chrome web apps in your browser, enjoy!

If you’re using Linux, here is a guide on how to do this.

Anyone using Mac and has a guide I can link to, let me know.

thechromesource Daily: Links for 6/18/10

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Dislike the new gray-themed Chrome? Here is a how-to on reverting your browser back too good old blue.

Google is going to make a ton of cash on its television project, and here is an analysis showing how they plan on doing it.

Interesting: Microsoft puts out “tips” for hardware specs on Windows 7 tablets; they look similar to those expected for Chrome OS.

The title of this article does all the explaining – Google is eating Microsoft’s lunch, one tasty bite at a time.

Sharing has become easier with a new update to Google Docs – visibility options have been added next to the title of every doc.

thechromesource Daily: Links for 6/17/10

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There is a way to do encrypted searches from both Chrome browser and Firefox; here’s how.

Adobe’s PDF format will be integrated into Chrome browser, just like Flash already has been.

Google Docs collaboration has been made easier with some new features, no doubt just in time to compete with Microsoft.

The Chrome browser dev channel has been updated. Looks like it is mainly user interface issues.

It’s not looking good for Microsoft in terms of competing with Google Apps.

thechromesource Daily: Links for 6/16/10

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Remember the Chromium repository files that listed Dell, Acer and HP? They’ve been replaced by different ones now.

While Google has not launched its own storage service, it has given Memeo permission to use the “GDrive” name for Google Docs.

Social networking-focused browser Flock has replaced its Mozilla underpinnings with those of the Chromium browser.

The next version of Android will be focused on the user interface, hoping to avoid having manufactures put their own UI on devices.

Here’s a video of the the Logitech Revue, which will be a companion device for Google TV.

thechromesource Daily: Links for 6/10/10

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Tutorialzine has a post up explaining how to make your first simple Chrome browser extension.

That homepage customization option that Google had launched sure did get killed off pretty quickly.

Lifehacker pits Google Docs against Microsoft’s Office Web Apps to see which one is the better application suite.

There clearly is a bet that the future of television will be social with Google Ventures’ investment in  Miso.

Want to use Google Apps in your business? Inc Magazine has an article up on how to do so.

thechromesource Daily: Links for 6/8/10

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Can Chrome OS succeed without launching a tablet device for the market?

Google released some updates for the Chrome browser today on Mac, Linux and Windows.

A new and improved way that Google does its search indexing, called Caffeine has just been launched today.

Microsoft is working on their Google Docs strategy by offering up the free Office Web Apps, a browser version of Office.

Google Chrome Frame, an extension for Internet Explorer to give it Chrome-like features, is now in beta.