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“Goojje” Google Clone Set to Receive Venture Capital

Posted on 13. Mar, 2010 by . 1 Comments

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goojelogoThe Shenzhen Daily is reporting about a Chinese copycat search site that has a logo which looks way too much like Google and is set to get venture capital funding. Goojje is expecting an investment in the range of 10 million yuan, which equates to about $1.4 million dollars. Huang Jiongxuan, the founder of the company, has announced this information, but refuses to tell the Daily where the money is actually coming from.

It is only by fortunate circumstance that this writer actually lived in Shenzhen for a period of time, and the fact that Goojje is located in the Nanshan district or even Shenzhen at all (its mostly a manufacturing hub) suggests that money is most likely coming from Hong Kong. Take a look at this map to see how close this area is to HK, which is one of the largest financial centers in Asia.

Huang Jiongxuan, the founder, goes on to talk to the Shenzhen daily about moving Goojje’s offices into Shenzhen Hi-Tech Industrial Park, which according to its website houses many large Chinese technology companies as well as universities.

“We found an office there and are now preparing for the relocation. The company will mainly focus on developing its search engine, particularly on searching for special content,” said Huang when talking about moving to the park.

In February of this year, Google sent Goojje a cease and desist letter for using a logo that is pretty similar to their own. According to the UK news outlet The Guardian, Goojje appeared as a result of Google announcing that they will be leaving the Chinese market because of concerns about censorship laws that exist in China.

I’m not sure if the goal of Goojje is to just appear as if they were Google in anticipation of the search engine giant leaving China, but they do have some sort of technology that indexes websites. I did a quick search of this site by entering “thechromesource” in the search bar and it found the site, the Twitter profile and a slew of pages published by others that link to it as the first results.

It was reported yesterday that Google is really close to shuttering Google.cn. Neither the company nor China is expected to budge on the issue of censorship.

“If [Google] takes steps that violate Chinese laws, that would be unfriendly, that would be irresponsible, and they would have to bear the consequences”, said Li Yizhong, who is China’s minister for industry and information technology.

It’s been reported that Google probably makes several hundred million dollars with their business in China. A lot of internal deliberations have gone on in Mountain View about what to do. The reality seems to be, however, that if Google gives up on China there’s probably no going back to a country that has more internet users than anywhere else in the world. Plus, Google plays second fiddle in China to Baidu, which has the majority market share of searches in China.

Now it appears that there are alternatives to Google.cn, and people are willing to spend money developing that vacancy that Google will leave as it reported has around a seventeen percent market share.