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It’s Larry Page’s Google Now

Posted on 04. Apr, 2011 by . 13 Comments

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Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is leaving his post on top; he received very high marks for his performance as the company chief. Now that Larry Page is in charge, will we see any major difference? It remains to be seen whether or not Page with be the face of the company going forward since in the past he has been sparse in his public appearances. But sources say that Page now has brought on an executive assistant to help with his schedule, so perhaps he’ll be the one making those keynotes now.


If you want to have an idea as to how Page feels about the Chrome OS project, check out this video.

Page is an entrepreneur at heart, and he’s going to take some risks with projects going forward. He certainly believes that there is no reward without risk. But he also knows when to cut losses if something appears to be a failure. He learned that from one of his heroes, the famed electrical engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla. But he’d rather take the Thomas Edison approach.

“You also need some leadership skills. You don’t want to be Tesla. He was one of the greatest inventors, but it’s a sad, sad story. He couldn’t commercialize anything; he could barely fund his own research. You’d want to be more like Edison.”

Google has invested a lot of time and effort into the Chrome project, another “moat” that supports the company’s other ventures. It was recently revealed by members of the Chrome team that the browser project has really been in development since 2006, with a public launch in 2008. That would make Chrome a project that has been growing within Google for almost five years.


In that time, Google has subsequently gone on to innovate a number of things in the browser world. Most notably, the UI is much cleaner, and the overall speed of top browsers on the market has increased dramatically. New features coming down the developmental pipe include Native Client and WebGL that promotes the growing use of applications that are right inside the browser.

Google has also acquired a number of companies and intellectual property that aims to increase the value of Chrome in both the mobile and hardware spaces. The purchase of chipmaker Agnilux last year and the recent bid for $900 million of Nortel’s IP assets suggests that the company wants to be a bigger player in both of these areas.

I think now is a good time for Larry Page to be at the helm of Google. Rarely is there ever a company that is run by the founder, but when that is the case it is usually a recipe for success if the founder ends up being good at coming up with bold new ideas and delegating to other key thinkers in an organization.

If anything, Page is very ambitious and not going to hold onto the status quo. Remember, back in 1999 when Google was making no money Page envisioned Google becoming a $10 billion dollar company. Well, it’s now a $29 billion company, and has sights on someday becoming a $100 billion one.

What do you expect from Larry Page’s second tenure as Google’s CEO?