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AptiQuant Confirms Browser IQ Study A “Hoax”

Posted on 05. Aug, 2011 by . 1 Comments

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I still love this picture, though.

In a move that shouldn’t really have surprised anyone, internet firm AptiQuant today went on record telling people that they shouldn’t take their Internet Browser IQ study seriously. Hey, I coulda told you that(oh wait…I did tell you that). The reason, though…the reason they aren’t to be taken seriously might actually surprise you. Turns out..the study was false. The whole thing was a hoax.

An elaborate, ultimately pointless hoax that even managed to fool such publications as CNN, the BBC, NPR, CNET andForbes. I’m not really sure what they were trying to accomplish- this whole fiasco might end with them getting sued-both by a bunch of pissed off IE users(though given that AptiQuant themselves reported that, I’d dispute the legitimacy), and from the actual, legitimate firm from which they *ahem* “borrowed” a rather significant portion of their fake identity.


Report Claims IE Users Are Stupid. IE Users Respond With Lawsuit.

Posted on 02. Aug, 2011 by . 1 Comments

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Hoo, boy. This one’s ruffling some feathers. According to a report published by “psychometric consulting” firm AptiQuant, chances are good that if you’re using Internet Explorer….you’re kind of a putz. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger- I’m just relaying what the study said. Now, you folks are probably wondering two things- what sort of study it was, and how Chrome ranked, right? Let’s have a look.

IE6 users were at the bottom of the barrel, with those who’d upgraded to IE 8 scoring a little better- but not by much. Firefox, Chrome, and Safari were all pretty evenly matched- with Chrome a little higher than Firefox and Safari a little higher than Chrome. Now, while Internet Explorer users are apparently rather stupid, those who use Chrome frame aren’t- IE with Chrome Frame had the second highest overall IQ score on the list. Camino scored exceptionally high as well, but the browser that took home the gold in this study was Opera.

Yep. According to the study, Opera users are, on average, the most intelligent web denizens around. Of course, that’s assuming this study even holds water. Let’s take a closer look at it, shall we?


Firefox Loses Firebug’s Lead Programmer To Chrome

Posted on 19. Jul, 2011 by . 6 Comments

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It’s always a bad sign for a platform when developers start jumping ship. Seems like that might be just what’s happening with Firefox. See, for years, there was this extension known as Firebug. If you’re a web developer or programmer, you’ve probably at least heard of the plugin.  Apparently, it’s one of the best out there; allowing inspection of HTML elements, real-time modification of style and layout, analysis of network usage and performance; and offering a powerful Javascript debugger. All in all, it was a rather excellent tool, and kept a lot of people onboard the Firefox boat.


Mozilla Claims Enterprise Users Aren’t Important. Google Disagrees.

Posted on 30. Jun, 2011 by . 10 Comments

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Seems like Mozilla’s alienated businesses and IT administrators the world over, and inadvertently left a huge opening for Google to step in with Chrome. This week, Aza Dotzler, one of Mozilla’s executives, made a rather pigheaded remark regarding Mozilla’s opinion of the business community, and their complaints about the Firefox Web Browser. Long story short, he made a complete and utter ass of himself, and of the company he’s supposed to represent.


WSJ: Chrome Browser Now at 7.24% Market Share

Posted on 08. Jul, 2010 by . 5 Comments

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browsermarketJune2010Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google’s Chrome browser worldwide share  is now at 7.24%. This is impressive to consider since Chrome was launched in September of 2008 and has blazed through versions and innovative features with new releases, currently at version 5.

The question at hand, now that Chrome is at number three of all browsers, is if it can challenge Firefox. NetApplications, the source for the Wall Street Journal Data, puts Firefox in second place to Internet Explorer at 23.81%. In an interview with Gizmodo, Mozilla Open Source Evangelist Christopher Blizzard said that the threat of Chrome overtaking Firefox does not seem to be one of his concerns. In fact, he believes that the fact Mozilla focuses solely on the browser will give his organization competitive advantage.

“What we’re gonna have, I think, with Firefox 4 is that we’re gonna have a Javascript engine that’s a generation ahead of everybody else, which will be pretty interesting. We’re the only one that makes browsers! We don’t sell ads, we don’t make operating systems. We don’t sell hardware. We just make browsers,” Blizzard told Gizmodo’s Matt Buchanon.

And in terms of competing directly against Google, “As long as we stand behind the technology that we have, and continue to improve and invest in it as a mechanism for getting the larger goals done, we’re gonna be fine. I’m not that worried about competing with them.”

That’s good to hear Mozilla has no qualms going up against Chrome. It will be for the best, in the long run, for there to be competing web browsers pushing technology forward – more like web platforms than browsers at this point actually. Firefox’s beta releases of version 4 have shown that they aren’t a afraid of taking something in Chrome and making it a feature in their browser to remain a worthy rival. Anyways, remember when it was only Microsoft that dominated the browser market? It was a black hole in terms of web innovation. Plus IE was hacked a lot, not really a fun time to remember.

By the way, NetApplications by all accounts must be the authority on browser share. In the past, there have been disputes over the validity of calculating browser share worldwide, but major publications seem to quote NetApplications most often in browser research.