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5 Game Extensions in Chrome to Waste Your Time On

Posted on 14. Jul, 2010 by . 3 Comments

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Now that it’s no secret that Google secretly invested money in social games maker Zygna, it’s pretty clear Google wants to get into the gaming market. There’s really no reason why they shouldn’t – making games easier to play on a PC than a console is a fantastic idea.

With that in mind, I decided to head over to the Official Chrome Extensions site and try to find some interesting games you can play in the browser right now. This is about as Googley it gets for games right now unless you check out Asteroids from Chrome Experiments. Also, it is expected that the Chrome Web Store will have some in-depth games when it is launched later on this year.

Keep in mind I limited this list to games you can play directly on top of the browser, not extensions that lead you to a gaming website. Hope you enjoy the ones I’ve found!

Mini Putt


There’s nothing like time wasting than spending it playing a little mini golf with this game Mini Putt. While this game feels a little bit like pinball with the speed that you are able to putt the ball, I like being able to try different shots out of the banked corners. I don’t know if this game is going to help my actual putting game, but it sure is fun to “putt” around with when I don’t have anything better to do with my time.

I think that I was spoiled with Snake, since Mini Putt is unable to bring me back to my game once I click out of it. How am I supposed to finish nine holes all at once? That’s asking too much.

McDonald’s Manager Game

It’s pretty clear that the people who developed the McDonald’s Manager Game have a distrusting view of the McDonald’s Corporation, but that’s what makes this game entertaining. In Sims-like fashion, you are put into the role of managing some of the business aspects of the fast food industry, from agriculture operations, marketing and even the day to day hustle of running a single store. Money goes out from business expenditures, and money comes in from customers buying those delicious burgers. It’s pretty fun.

One problem though is that once you start the game, I could not find a way to save it – although I think the point of this extension is just for some good fun from time to time.

King’s Quest


King’s Quest is an old Sierra Entertainment role playing game. You wander around looking for things and actions are based on a list of things that you can do. Although I don’t remember playing King’s Quest before, I remember that Sierra’s games got pretty involved, and I’m sure this game is the same way. I seemed to have a serious issue with constantly falling into the water, as shown above clearly our character in the game never found the time to learn to swim.

This game is a bit buggy, but it’s fun to walk around exploring. I also did not find a way to save – is there a recurring development issue I’m seeing here with these extensions not being able to store game data?


Ah yes, the classic Russian puzzle game. They say that Tetris is actually good for your brain, which makes me wonder if that means all other games except for Tetris are slowly killing me, or that simply more professorial type people play Tetris leading to extensive research. That would be a fun academic project. Anyways, this game has been around long enough for everyone to know about it, so there’s really no explaining it.

This version of Tetris, Netris Deluxe, gives you a few customization options, allowing you to enter in your lines and your level. A big bummer with this extension is that you must use the mouse to click on the arrows instead of using a keyboard, which takes some getting used to, and means no turbocharging those blocks to the bottom. If you click out, well, no saved game for you on this one either. Better off using JC-Tetris, although that opens up in a totally different window which is very un-extension like.



Snake was one of those games that used to come with some older Windows machines. Instead of playing Solitaire or Minesweeper, I used to always enjoy the quick wits of Snake instead which requires you to go after objects that makes the tail of your reptile grow ever longer. This Chrome extension version of the game offers a slow speed easy difficulty and a fast paced hard setting. You just click on the box in the lower right to change the setting.

While this is a more basic version of the game than the original version I remember, it’s still fun. Plus, you can click off the game only to select the extension icon again later to pick up where you left off.


Not being able to save some of these games is a bit frustrating, especially since some of them get pretty involved. I know that many of these games are for fun to show what you can do with a little JavaScript, and hopefully in the future Chrome gaming will become even better. Have you come across a Chrome extension-based game I missed out on? Let me know.