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Tabbed HTML Settings Arrive in Chrome

Posted on 12. Jan, 2011 by . 1 Comments

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tabsettings2If you’re using the Canary build of Chrome, you may have already noticed: your settings menu is now a tab instead of a pop-up dialog box. Instead of using an operating system-generated window for options, the Chrome team has switched over to HTML. This is expected, since Chromium and Chrome OS already have this feature.

But it’s actually a better way to find different settings as Chrome’s feature set has become larger.


thechromesource Weekend: Links for 9/26/10

Posted on 26. Sep, 2010 by . 0 Comments

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HTML style options are now available in Chrome Labs for the Canary version of the browser by typing “about:labs” in the Omnibox.

Enterprises now have the ability to make policy modifications in Chrome browser with downloadable templates.

The Chrome 6 issue that was causing overstated traffic reports in Google Analytics has been corrected.

It isn’t Apple or Facebook that pose a threat to Google but Bing does according to Eric Schmidt.

Intel plans on launching its own app store, will it challenge Google and the Chrome Web Store?