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Verizon to Bring 4G to 38 Markets Before End of 2010

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Lilliputing is reporting that Verizon announced on a conference call yesterday they will be rolling out 4G wireless in many larger U.S. cities before the end of this year. A race between wireless operators is going on to roll out fast 4G data speeds that will allow mobile devices to consume things like streaming music and video. Download speeds will be between 5Mbps and 12Mbps.

Companies such as Clear and Sprint are working together and so far they have the most 4G coverage in the country. AT&T has improved its service over the past year, spending billions to accommodate the gaggle of iPhone users surfing the web and so forth.

With all of this money being thrown at wireless networks, it becomes easy to question the validity of traditional broadband network service in the home. Comcast has to be a bit concerned when you consider the simplicity of an always-connected device versus a home broadband service that requires a modem, cabling and a router.


Chrome OS Tablet Going on Sale Nov 26 on Verizon?

Posted on 18. Aug, 2010 by . 16 Comments

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chromeoslaunchDownloadSquad’s Lee Mathews is reporting from some unknown source that the official launch date for a Chrome OS device will be on November 26. It’s said to be a tablet, and will have the basic features that were expected from the device with a 32 GB solid state drive and Nvidia’s Tegra 2 processor based on ARM reference designs.

This seems a tad surprising to me since HTC was not listed as an official Chrome OS partner, but since that list was put out, the market has suddenly changed. There is a huge demand for tablets as opposed to laptops, and although we will see devices with keyboards arrive as well at some point, it’s smart to make a splash with a Chrome OS tablet for the holiday season to ramp things up.

It makes me wonder whether or not Intel-based chips are going to be a big part of Chrome OS because of the reliance on the cloud. Intel’s recent purchase of Texas Instruments’ cable modem unit to gain share in the Google TV set top box space may be a sign that they are not ready for the web application-based future like ARM is.

Hey, at least there will be some Chrome OS action for the holiday.