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Who’s Going to Compete With Apple’s Tablet?

Posted on 22. Jun, 2010 by . 1 Comments

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googletabletThe current state of the tablet market is pretty stale. And let’s not even go into the JooJoo.

I say this because when I was at Taiwan’s Computex 2010 conference less than a month ago there were some formidable competitors in terms of hardware, but the leading manufactures for these devices didn’t really offer a whole lot in terms of software.

Sure, the Acer tablet that allows one to flip the netbook-style form factor over to a table was impressive, but the touch functionality of Windows 7 for it was quite lackluster: I asked a product rep to reboot the device because there seemed to be a problem with the touch software, only to have the same problems crop up again once it started up.

Asus offered up a beautiful tablet design that had potential to compete with Apple, but they kept a product manager closely hovering over the device running a new version of Windows CE that looked surprisingly Android-like, but because of the people and Asus employees holding a close grip on the tablet, no one was really able to test the paces of Microsoft’s UI.

MSI had a winged version of a tablet running Android that seemed surprisingly comfortable in my hands, but we all know that Google’s smartphone operating system isn’t really meant for tablets – it just seemed like a supersized stock version of the OS. An MSI product manager also told me that the MSI Wind tablet was just a concept for now.

This is problematic. The reason why I say this is because since Apple has taken the world by storm plugging an already existing operating system with the iOS to a tablet form factor, that have essentially beaten the entire computer manufacturing market with the iPad. There is no one else that has an operating system that is fully compatible with touch on a tablet.

That’s not to say Android is far behind Apple’s touch-based operating system, but it is clear that unlike the iOS, there was no plan for tablets in its future. We’ve seen early on Google’s Chrome OS tablet concept, and we can only hope that Chrome OS will offer a stylishly-designed slate from the likes of HP, Dell or Acer in the coming months, hopefully something that is just as functional, open source for app developers and creatively designed mobile gadget that can compete with the iPad.

I hold out hope on this, because only one successful tablet in the market does not bode well for innovation. What do you think? Which one of these PC manufacturers has the best chance of offering a tablet running Chrome OS that can compete with Apple?

Sub-$100 Netbook Maker Switches from Linux to Android

Posted on 11. May, 2010 by . 3 Comments

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In a press release that went out a few hours ago a company called Cherrypal has announced that it will be offering a 7″ product for only one hundred dollars. What is even more interesting is that the netbook, called the Cherrypal Asia, will be using Android 1.6 which is a switch from a version of Linux or Windows CE that the past product line used. Here is a picture of the model:


All jokes about the massive bezel aside (you can get a 10″ for $148) this shows how Android is quickly becoming the operating system of choice in the mobile market. And although you cannot access the Android Market without a smartphone for now, there have been ways to get around that tiny little annoyance.

Featuring an ARM A9 processor, 256 MB of RAM and 2GB of storage, the Cherrypal Asia isn’t exactly a screamer. But with 3 USB ports and a regular keyboard, it would be a great product for kids or developing countries. We’ll see how well this product can do.