Touch is Coming to the Browser: Chrome Getting Keyboard Interface

Posted on 28. Mar, 2011 by in Chrome, Chrome OS, News

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Recently, changes to the new tab interface in Chromium provided a hint that Google will be adding touch capability in Chrome sometime in the near future. Now, the newest builds of Chromium have a keyboard added into the open-source browser that would be used with a touch UI as well.

chromiumkeyboardClick to enlarge.

The feature revision 79125 indicates the addition of a “new simple keyboard” to the builds. As of right now, it appears that the keyboard itself is not currently functional. While it’s been added, most PCs don’t support touch anyways, so it’s clear that this is being developed for device that can.

Are we seeing evidence of Chrome OS and Android merging in the near future? That’s simply speculation at this point. Android’s tablet-focused version Honeycomb has been put under wraps for further development, and it is still expected that Chrome devices will start to appear at the midpoint of this year.

I did ask this question about Chrome and Android convergence on Quora a while back and got an interesting answer from Google product manager Prasenjit Phukan about the lines “blurring between classes of devices” .

Would you use a touch version of Chrome?

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6 Responses to “Touch is Coming to the Browser: Chrome Getting Keyboard Interface”

  1. Matthew

    28. Mar, 2011

    I have an iPad but a ChromeOS tablet is my dream device.

  2. Sylvain

    29. Mar, 2011

    Strange strategy from Google. Honeycomb and Chrome OS have distinct objectives, and merging both of them will probably imply that Chrome OS lose its fundamental and great idea of a fast, light-weight and All-in-the-cloud operating system.

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