Video: Angry Birds and Chrome

Posted on 29. Sep, 2011 by in Chrome, Chrome OS, Videos

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Back during Google I/O, there was much fanfare with the announcement that the Chrome Web Store would feature Angry Birds for free in HD glory for user to waste massive amounts of time upon. It was a great synergistic move between Google and the producers of Angry Birds, and has resulted in a promotion of sorts via a Chrome commercial that plays up the benefits of Google’s own browser.

While it’s unlikely that such a techie-oriented commercial will ever pop up on television, there continues to be strong efforts from Google to play up pop culture references in order to further Chrome’s expansion. Working in tandem with the company’s business efforts, they are certainly spending a lot of time to properly execute a marketing strategy that hits on all sides.

This new commercial comes in the same week that it is expected Chrome will soon surpass Firefox, long thought to be the dominating browser for developers and early adopters. The amount of sheer resources that Google has poured into Chrome and Chrome OS over the past year, along with marketing campaigns that Mozilla cannot match, is causing Chrome’s growth to be further propelled at Firefox and Internet Explorer’s expense.

Does commercial marketing help Chrome’s overall popularity? Do you even think that it is necessary?

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4 Responses to “Video: Angry Birds and Chrome”

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  2. igo

    29. Sep, 2011

    I saw this commercial on TV last week! I think it was during the new big bang theory episode.

  3. Dan

    11. Oct, 2011

    Actually, this aired during the season premiere of Big Bang Theory on CBS. I’m sure a lot of devs watch this show, but it still seemed like an odd commercial choice for mainstream television programming.

  4. Good one

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