Where to Download Chrome OS

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This post is based off of the “Download Chrome OS” link that is on the top of this page. I thought that it would be useful to add it to the blog as well. If there is anything I’ve left out, let me know. I keep the page updated as things change.

At this point, there are already several different flavors of Chrome OS available. It all depends on what kind of system you plan on installing it on, and we can give you a run down on what you need to know.


Google’s open source project for all things Chrome is called Chromium. It is from here where the rest of these folks got the source code to build an image for the operating system that you can then put onto a computer. If you have Linux and a 64-bit machine you can do this yourself. Or you can download one of the following prepackaged builds.

Chrome OS Flow

UK Student Hexxeh has put together a nicely packaged build that is small, works with a good variety of machines and auto-updates. There is also a wiki that offers some good community contributions.


Our partnership site ChromeOS-Blog has a release of Chrome OS that came out in April. Download info and instructions are available at the site.


Doug Anson of the Dell Linux team keeps putting out new builds of Chrome OS for the hardware specs of the Dell Mini series of netbooks. You can get his latest May build and readme from here.

64-bit Chrome OS

There is a version of Chrome OS that has been developed which supports 64-bit hardware called ChromiumOS64. You can download ChromiumOS64 here. Warning: this file is over a gigabyte.

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