What is the Google Chrome Helper? – All You Need to Know

When it comes to browsers, Google Chrome is crowned the undisputed king. But this king isn’t without its personality problems. Its biggest issue is memory loss, causing your internet experience to slow down to a crawl, and your PC to freeze. This usually happens due to a little something called “Google Chrome Helper.” Bring up […]

Chrome OS Release Coming Soon? Stable Channel Now Available

Just like the Chrome browser, it has long been Google’s goal for Chrome OS to have a Stable, Beta and Dev channel for feature iteration. In a move that signifies a closer move to a Chrome OS release, there now is a Stable Channel. You can find this on the latest builds of Chromium OS […]

Chrome helps Linux pt. 2: Cloud Graphics

With Chrome, Google has been at the forefront of enhancing the capabilities of the browser and enhancing the powers of the browser. One of these areas is GPU Accelerated Drawing. Traditionally, the CPU was the only computer hardware which was utilized to render graphics in a browser, which resulted in limitations with regard to the browser’s […]

Advertise With Us Chromebook Pre-Orders Now Available to All

…And it begins. We’ve seen some interesting limited-time pre-orders from the likes of Gilt and the two day Chromebook preview. But now is your chance to get yourself a registered spot to receive a Chromebook starting today. While Google has said that Chromebooks will start shipping June 15th, we’ve heard reports of shiny Samsung Series […]

How to Activate the Frames Per Second Counter in Google Chrome

You always have known that Chrome is fast, but have you ever considered that you might be able to always know your frame rate per second within the browser? Sure, you might not be interested in a high level of frame speed in your browser, but it looks like Google might be looking towards a […]

Netflix Plug-in for Chrome and Chrome OS is on the Way

Good news for Chrome users:  A Netflix plugin for Chrome and Chrome OS is ready to be released. This is based on the reports that are coming in over at the Chromium site. This upcoming Netflix plugin will enable the streaming of movies via HTML5 technology, rather than Microsoft’s Silverlight software, which requires the user to […]

Google To Sell Chrome OS on a Subscription-Based Model?

Rumors are circulating that Google is making plans to sell Chrome OS devices using a pay-by-the month plan at a range of $10-20 per month as a subscription service. The plan will then provide users with hardware refreshes over a set lifecycle for each device. It’s unknown if this will be bundled with some sort […]

Multiple Profiles and Profile Switch Coming to Chrome

It’s been talked about by the Chrome Team that there will soon be multiple profile options in the Chrome browser, much like how Chrome OS is already set up. Because each person’s browser preferences are completely personal and unique to them, it makes sense that web usage should be connected to a personal profile. Looking at […]

How to Throttle HTTP Requests in Chrome

A new feature has arrived in Chrome 12 that allows you to throttle HTTP requests. Reducing your requests might be helpful when a site is experiencing a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. When this happens, the affected website is getting overloaded with HTTP requests. This feature, which is currently not enabled by default, can […]

Chrome VP: No More Cr-48s, Chrome OS Devices This Summer

Google has been very tight-lippped about the supply of Cr-48s, who they are going to and when shipments will stop. But in a tweet sent out by VP of Product Management Sundar Pichai, the shipment of Cr-48s to users is over, and that we can expect commercial devices to be arriving in the next few […]