Chrome VP: No More Cr-48s, Chrome OS Devices This Summer

Google has been very tight-lippped about the supply of Cr-48s, who they are going to and when shipments will stop. But in a tweet sent out by VP of Product Management Sundar Pichai, the shipment of Cr-48s to users is over, and that we can expect commercial devices to be arriving in the next few […]

P2P API Appears in About:Flags

The newest builds of Chromium have a new option that can be enabled through the “about:flags” menu. It’s called P2P API and turns on the P2P Pepper API and the P2P JavaScript API. Yet even in the description, the feature states that it doesn’t even work at this point. So what does it do? Well, […]

Google Changing Its Stance on Chrome OS Windowing?

The concept of Chrome OS is clear: fast, easy to use and simple. But in order for it to become a legitimate operating system competitor, will Google need to make some modifications to its cloud operating system’s windowing concept? The concept right now is no windows at all. You can get notifications that rise from […]

New Cr-48 Shipments are Coming with Decals

A reader just let me know that there are decals now coming with new Cr-48 shipments. They kind of remind me a bit of the Jolibook’s designs, but clearly Chrome-centric. Maybe this is to help reduce the wear that I’ve heard that the rubber is taking, or perhaps to better identify the machines. I would […]

Flashing Your Cr-48 BIOS

So, what did you do over your holiday break? Spend time with friends and family? Maybe relax a little bit? Flash your Cr-48 BIOS? Ok, so most of you probably wouldn’t dare make an attempt to do this, but some devoted techies spent some time recently doing so, enabling them to load operating systems such […]

Cr-48 Developer Mode and Rooting Instructions

Here is a video on how to get into developer mode and to the shell in order to root your Cr-48. Steps: 1. Turn off the Cr-48. Make sure you have a pen nearby or this is going to be difficult. 2. Flip the Cr-48 over. 3. Remove the battery. 4. Right beside the battery […]

Replacing Your Profile Picture on the Cr-48

Part of the profile setup process when you first use the Cr-48 is that you take a picture for your login profile. During the Chrome event this past week, VP of Product Management Sundar Pichai said many people didn’t like the process of doing this, and one of our readers has let us know that […]

Adobe Acknowledges Flash Problem in Chrome Notebooks

It has been noted today that there have been some issues related to the use of Flash in the pilot Cr-48 laptop Google is giving out to a select few early adopters. Specifically, users have reported problems with video playback on large sites like YouTube, one of the primary places where Flash technology is used […]

Google Cloud Print Requires Chrome 9

Google’s printing service for Chrome and Chrome OS is called Google Cloud Print. Unbeknownst to me, it is already in Beta, but you’ll need to have Chrome 9 in order for it to work. Does that mean there will be no printing on initial previews of Chrome OS devices that may be happening tomorrow. At […]

Advertise With Us Chrome OS Looks to Refresh Standard Fonts

With a new operating system comes a new set of fonts. Or so it may seem. The three standard ones that appear to currently be available closely mimic the most popular ones for the Windows platform. The three – Tinos, Arimo and Cousine, make an attempt to refresh the old standard Times, Arial and Courier. As […]