Reuters: Tablets Will Run Chrome OS, Not Android

Reuters is reporting this morning that during a closing keynote speech at IFA, a consumer electronics show held in Germany that Eric Schmidt said Google-powered tablets will run Chrome OS as opposed to Android. I tracked down a webcast of the presentation (you can see it here) but let’s consider the fact that at present Google […]

Where to Find Command Switches For Chrome

master the art of the command switch to be able to do so. The best example of this is via the post I did for enabling apps. If you’re interested in trying out other switches, you can also use this resource here at the Chromium site to find a directory and descriptions. There is also a list of debugging-type […]

Chrome Browser MSI Now Available

Enterprise users rejoice: Chrome is now being offered as an MSI you can download directly from Google. An MSI is a file extension in Windows that allows enterprises to easily package a piece of software and deploy remotely. Having an MSI for Chrome makes it easy for large companies to quickly install it to thousands of […]

Google VP: Chrome OS Release in Q4

Speaking today at the Computex Cloud Computing forum, Google VP of product management Sundar Pichai said that Chrome OS will be on the market in the fourth quarter of 2010. The Cloud Computing Forum is featuring executives from Google, ARM and Quanta Computers. Computex has been mostly focused on Microsoft products that are on display. When asked […]

Video: $200 Chrome OS Tablet by Freescale

So it does exist. I had heard that there was going to be a Chrome OS tablet at the Mobile World Congress, and sure enough we finally see in a somewhat lengthy video the folks from Freescale showing off their prototype with a 7″ screen. This was the same model that was shown at CES […]

Google Shows Off its Tablet Concept

On the Chromium projects site, Google has quietly posted some pictures and a video of their ideas of what a future Chrome OS tablet would look like. What’s interesting to me is that the video shows browser windows that are treated as objects which can be readily manipulated in the screen for the best use possible depending […]

Interview: Chrome OS Zero’s Hexxeh

From Chrome OS Diet to Cherry and now the latest, Zero, Hexxeh has been the primary source for Chrome OS build releases ever since Google released the Chromium code to the masses in November. They’ve been popular mostly because they work with a lot of existing hardware, plus the builds are small enough to fit […]