master the art of the command switch to be able to do so. The best example of this is via the post I did for enabling apps. If you’re interested in trying out other switches, you can also use this resource here at the Chromium site to find a directory and descriptions.

There is also a list of debugging-type switches here.

Note that some of these switches will also work in Chrome; it just really depends on the phase of development that your specific build is in. For example, the enable apps feature works in version 6 right now.

Some of the most interesting on this list are “–enable-gpu-rendering”, which “Enable(s) experimental GPU rendering for backing store and video”. Then there’s “enable-aero-peek-tabs”, a switch that “Enables AeroPeek for each tab (This switch only works on Windows 7)”. That would be useful.

Or, how about “enable-speech-input”? I don’t think I need to describe that. Anyways, I think you get the point. If you find any other cool switches, as well as some that you manage to get working, let us know.

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